Thursday, September 3, 2015

Day 3-Lillian Smith Center

On my morning walk I saw many things that caught my eye.  These mushrooms were one of those:

Others were some of the leaves that are beginning to show the colors of fall.  I collected some of the leaves that were on the ground and began working with those today:

I pinned the leaves up beside the canvas I was working on and drew with charcoal, looking at several leaves as I drew.  I painted over the drawing, then drew again, several times like I'd done yesterday on the other canvas and later today began to add color to the leaves.  The canvas went through many changes throughout the day, with paint added over all, then scraped away, the whole thing spritzed with water, scraped away again, more drawing done... over and over, I manipulate the surface to give interesting texture and to "find" images that may be there.

I worked on the painting started yesterday for a couple of times today, too.  I usually like to have at least a couple of canvases up at the same time when I'm working so I can use up the paints I may be mixing for one that I don't entirely finish... here's my palette at one point today:

I think this may be the butcher's tray I had when I was in undergraduate school for my paint palette then... I'm not sure.  I've wound up with three over the years... and treasure every one of them.  I usually use styrofoam plates as palettes when at a retreat but decided to bring this old standby with me this time around.

Before I left today I added some of the left over paints to three smaller stretched canvases I'd brought with me... each of these smaller ones is painting over what was there before.

Lots more work to do on all of these.  

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