Saturday, April 25, 2015

Time for some changes...selling a loom. SOLD!

Time to find a new home for this wonderful loom:

This is a 4 foot Shannock loom.  I am the third owner of the loom and it is in excellent condition as it's been lovingly used by all of its owners for many years.

I haven't made this decision lightly.  I became the owner of this wonderful tool about six years ago.  I purchased it from another weaver in North Carolina.  I still fondly remember driving my station wagon there, hoping all the parts and pieces of the disassembled loom would fit into the car (they did).  How excited I was to finally have a larger Shannock tapestry loom!  I had once owned a 2 ft. Shannock tabletop model that I converted to a floor standing one with John Shannock's leg and treadle modification.  I used it happily for a decade or more until I found it had been sitting idle while I used other looms more often.  And so the smaller Shannock went to a new home.

That's what I realized about this loom a few days ago.  I've woven four fairly large pieces on it since I've had it but I haven't rewarped it in over a year now.  I've been working on other looms and so it became clear that someone else may be a better owner for this great loom at this point.

So... here it is, offered up for sale.  If anyone is interested in the price and the dimensions, please contact me at at gmail dot com

It must be picked up since I won't be able to ship it.  But, like I said, it will fit into most SUVs or station wagons when disassembled!  Assembled, it would fit into a truck or possibly a van.

Update:  this beautiful loom is going to a new home with a beautiful tapestry weaver!  Thank you!!

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