Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Video and more

I was contacted in January by someone from a church in Atlanta about being filmed at my studio while weaving with the end goal for a short video that would fit their theme of Woven.  Over the next couple of weeks the videographer came to my studio and shot several hours of weaving and spinning.  Yesterday he sent a link to the video.   I was so surprised at how he'd edited all those hours into the short video that's linked here.  This other link takes you to the video stories the church has on their website.

Other studio work is getting done.  Mostly I'm in a "between" place now... that place that's between the ending of tapestries and the beginning of a new one.  I've gotten parts and pieces pulled together for the completion of Megan's tapestry (the green man) and the small stones & moss piece.  Parts and pieces are mounting frames and fabric, for instance.  I have those now and will be completing both of the pieces today, I hope.  Maybe I'll edit this post later with some photos of the finishing.

Ok... later now and I've finished the mounting boards for the two tapestries.  But I'm going to wait until tomorrow or the next day before stitching the tapestries onto these.  My hands take a beating when I'm stretching and stapling the fabric.  Here's the stones and moss double sett piece with a bit of the background fabric (dark green) showing.  It's 15" x 14.25" and I'm mounting it on a 16" square board.

Speaking of stones, tomorrow night is the book release of the next volume of The Stonepile Writers Anthology.  The book is published by the University Press of North Georgia and I'm happy to have a poem included--and also to have had one of my photos selected for the cover.  The stone steps in the photo are at the Lillian E. Smith Center and the photo is one of the hundreds (maybe thousands now) that I've made while in residence at the Center during the past several summers.  

Seems fitting to post the stones and moss tapestry along with the cover of the anthology since both were inspired by my times at the Center.

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  1. Congratulations on the anthology - for both your poem and the lovely cover photo! The video is very cool and it is interesting to see how they edited the spinning and weaving footage for the imagery they wanted.