Saturday, February 1, 2014

Missing my friends from West Dean today ...

I enjoyed my grand experience at West Dean College in the fall of 2010.  Most of the time the memories of my six weeks there are buried amongst the good times I've had at places I've been.  But today I was emailing a friend about a particular solution to holding spools of yarn that I'd come up with while I was there.  I said I'd send her a photo of it, if I could find one on my computer.  So I started digging through the hundreds of photos I made while I was in England in November & December of 2010, and the more I scrolled through the images, the more nostalgic I became.

In my last weeks there, I had quite a nest built in the center of the room, using a portion of a large scaffold loom.

Pat Taylor, our tutor, was demonstrating something for Diana Scarth... I was looking on, curious as always.

I hope my friends and acquaintances I made while I was there are all fine.  I wish them many happy weaving hours to come.  I miss y'all!

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