Wednesday, August 28, 2013

And Yet More from Lillian Smith Center

Today I added earth pigment from the clay I'd dug up near the studio yesterday.  I worked on this painting for a couple of hours and then decided it was done for now.  I'll look at it again when I get home to see what more, if anything, I need to do to it before I consider it a potential tapestry design.  If I decide to weave it, then the challenge comes of interpreting as I weave.  And that's usually a several month-long process.  Since I don't dye my own yarns, I have the task of selecting the colors to blend into weft bundles to best create the effects I want, based on how I'm working from the painted design.

Early this afternoon I drove into town to the local hardware store; they have quite a few art supplies there and I always stop by when I'm either at Hambidge or at Lillian Smith Center.  Today I was checking to see if they happened to have un-stretched, gessoed canvas in rolls... which they didn't.  But they had a 50% off of their stretched canvasses.  So I got a couple to use as if they were one and started another rocks piece this afternoon.  

Here's the wall at the end of today.  I'd moved over the first piece so there would be room for the two 24" x 36" wide pieces that I'm working on together.  Lots more to do with it on Friday (I'll be gone tomorrow to attend the ribbon cutting at the Southern Highland Craft Guild's new shop in Biltmore Village, Asheville, NC).

In the late afternoons I usually sit on the porch of the cottage I'm staying in and make a drawing or two before sunset.  I've been drawing in this lovely book made by Alice Schlein that I got a couple of years ago... a tree book, so all the drawings I do in it have trees in them.

Here's yesterday's Peeler porch sketch:

And several from 2012 when I was here, looking at the same view (first, here's the view):

It was raining that day!


  1. Tommye, you work continues to inspire me. Thank you for sharing your process.


  2. Love the wall, it would make a fantastic tapestry