Sunday, May 13, 2012

Next tapestry design begins to grow

I'm working on a new tapestry design.  Old idea, new design.  I'm still thinking about the fiddleheads and their amazing spring-time transformation into the ferns that blanket the woods near our house by the creek.  I took more photos this spring to add to those from a few years back, continued to look at the earlier sketches of fiddleheads and also made some more.

I began this process by setting up a make-shift painting area in my studio.

Since I have a plaster wall I had to rig up a method for the drawing paper that I'm working on.  My temporary solution is to hang the paper by stapling it to a piece of narrow board, stapling another piece at the bottom to keep the paper somewhat flattened, then hanging the whole contraption by bungee cord from the picture molding at the top of the wall.  I put plastic sheeting behind the whole thing and extending onto the floor a few inches to keep things a bit protected.  I'm a very messy painter, unfortunately, and paint will be everywhere before I'm done with this.  I've already dropped a loaded brush to the floor once--at least it hit the plastic this time.

So... here's what's happening with this design, so far.

and one more... just played with the last real version in Photoshop a bit:

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