Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tapestry continues to grow... inch by inch

Two photos for today. The first is where I started this morning; I'd just put in the half-pass of red-orange and was ready to roll the piece down on the cloth beam.

Below is where I got to today.  I'll tackle the second fiddlehead tomorrow.  It has a more distinct spiral in the drawing and I need all my concentration to get it right!  Enough for today.  I'm pooped!


  1. Thrilling to watch. I am loving those red lines. They're like exclamation points.

  2. Thanks, Alice! My niece saw the piece today and liked the lines. When I told her they were marking each session of weaving she remarked that they were appropriate--that the fiddleheads unfurl themselves at about the speed of a couple of inches each day. Interesting observation!