Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Next workshop coming up in a couple of months--in late June, Arrowmont School of Crafts

Seems like only yesterday when I was in Tallahassee for the workshop... no, wait!  It was only yesterday (at least when I left Tallahassee).  I'm getting my planning hat on for the next workshop I'll be teaching and that's in June at Arrowmont School of Crafts in Gatlinburg.


There are still spaces left in the class, according to the numbers I learned from the Arrowmont office today.  I believe the minimum number has been reached now so the class should make; The maximum is 12.  4-5-12-- Just got word that the class has indeed made and is a go!

I'm going to do some revision of photos for my handout booklet before the next class to make some of the techniques clearer.  I may also do a few more diagrams, if I have time.  I'm always revising to see if I can make it better!

One of the Tallahassee participants showed me a really interesting app for iPhone, called CamWow.  It's a free download (I have no vested interest in the app other than I've downloaded it myself and it can indeed give one a "WOW!" pretty easily.) Here are a few quick photos taken on a walk to the NGCSU bookstore today--this is only one of the several options one can select for the images you're photographing.  I liked this because of the linear quality.  These could adapt to thinking about tapestry versions pretty quickly, I think.  I emailed them to myself from my phone, then changed the size in Photoshop Elements.  I know that Elements can do something similar with find lines filter... but this is almost instantaneous.  I like the extreme simplicity of it, too.

Large thunderhead to the north of town earlier... and here's where it is now:

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