Sunday, February 20, 2011

Spring is just around the corner--maybe!

Earlier in the week as I was walking I had my first glimpse of 2011 jonquils.  When these begin to pop up I know that winter will be indeed be ending sooner or later.  For me, the first blooms of the new year mean more than that silly old ground hog's predictions!

Yesterday, I had a wonderful time walking near the creek at our cabin.

The temperatures were in the high 60s and I was outside without a coat on for the first time since I left for England in early November.  How exciting was that?!  Pretty darn exciting for me, at least.   I took a few photos with my iPhone and then manipulated with my Photoshop app (see below).

Later in the afternoon, at my studio I took the Hagen loom to the screened back porch and continued to weave on the small tapestry that I'm determined to finish this week.  I have a few more passes to level it up, then the half-hitches at the top before cutting off.  I'm going to donate the tapestry for a silent auction that will be part of an event I'll mention in a few days. 

Oh... if anybody notices... yes, I'm using a Mirrix shed device on my Hagen loom.  Leashes are at the top, not being used for the upper part of the tapestry.  The shed had gotten tiny and I thought I'd try out the shed system from the Mirrix to see if it would fit this Hagen... yep, sure did!  Interesting circle being completed with this since the Mirrix was pretty much designed based on the Hagen loom.  What comes around, goes around.  I've also used the floor stand for the Hagen loom with my Archie Brennan copper pipe looms.  All things are just tools.


  1. Who made that beautiful chair in the last picture?

    And I am so in love with your Photoshop app. Must get me one of those.

  2. Chair made by shcg memer Lyle wheeler. The app is PS mobile... Simple but fun!