Thursday, January 22, 2009

Writing workshop this weekend

I'm taking off to the big village of Brasstown, NC, to John C. Campbell Folk School for a writing workshop this weekend. It's called "Write Your Story for Your Family"--here's the description from the Folk School website:

Your children and grandchildren will enjoy reading the interesting and unique story of your life. We will spark those buried memories with the use of photos, keepsakes, and by hearing the stories of your classmates. Learn where to begin, how to organize, and how to present the most important legacy you can leave to future generations. This class is suggested for beginning to intermediate students.

Good thing it's noted for beginners as I'm completely a beginning writer. Granted, I write constantly in journals, blogs, sketchbooks and for class handouts. And I read constantly. But I certainly don't consider myself a writer.

My goal for the weekend is to gain a few skills for compiling my family memories. In preparation for this I've been going through old photos that have been hanging around in the family for decades. This morning I came across a few that I'd forgotten. For instance, this photo of two beautiful women, taken in about 1940. These are my Mother (on the right) and her younger sister. They were sitting in the yard of their parent's home.

This one is of my father, taken in Luzon in 1945--as noted in my Mother's handwriting on the back of the photo.

And, here I am in about 1949, even then ready, willing and able to get into a vehicle and go somewhere fun!


  1. enjoy your workshop. My Husband and I have been involved in a 'life writing' group for about 2 years now and have found it lots of fun and our families look forward to our next addition to the collection of life stories.

  2. ps

    I love the pictures of those gorgeous family of yours.

  3. Oh, that sounds like such fun, Tommye! I look forward to hearing about it. Love the photos!

  4. What fun! I can remember sitting with my grandmother in the beginning of her Alzheimer's with pictures trying to get the stories. There are many stories we have lost. You are embarking on a great gift!

  5. Tommye, thanks for taking my class and inspiring others to write with the senses.
    Love this post with the photos and am so happy to know about your blog.
    I'll list you under by faves on my site.