Monday, January 19, 2009

more of the edit

Here's the current state of my home studio. Still looks a mess... but if you notice it's a more controlled mess than earlier in the month!

So far, I've taken several boxes of things to my other studio, given away a couple of boxes of yarn, some books, assorted files and notebooks from past years at NGCSU, and -- believe it or not -- even taken several stuffed bags to the trash.

The day-of-the-year weaving is keeping me from being too frantic about not having time for tapestry right now. I need to have a better term for what I'm doing, I guess. Calendar tapestry, maybe? Or tapestry of days -- a take-off on the many Book of Days, like this 1869 one, or even the Book of Days lyrics from Enya's Shephard's Moon. But probably the good old utilitarian word "diary" best fits.

So, that's what I'll call be calling it from now on: tapestry diary. Here it is, on the loom.

I'd mentioned earlier that it's 12" wide, linen warp sett at 7.5 epi. It's on the 32" Fireside tapestry loom and the warp is long enough so that I'll have around 40+" in which to weave. During the first week I decided to do ten days across the span, not weaving the same height each day. I'm using no joining method for the slits and I'll decide about sewing them or not after tapestry is off the loom.

It's quite fun to play this game, making up rules as I go--like the blanks to be woven for days missed. So far, the three white areas I've woven for blanks have been because I wasn't out of town, just out of time in the particular day. Since I chose to do those in white, I'll use a different color for the blanks of the out of town days to come in the year.


  1. A tapestry diary is such a great idea. I thinking it might also make a great gift. It's a different part of yourself in the gift and the tapestry.

  2. Wonderful idea...a tapestry diary...and white for the days missed...this is going to be interesting to see progress...