Sunday, September 23, 2007

Black walnut continues...the pace quickens! I'm nearly ready to weave the last big challenge, the split walnut hull. I'm thinking I'll be there later this week--my deadline shifted when I realized I wouldn't have this ready for the VA exhibit. Now my goal is to have it for my jury at the Piedmont Craftsmen Fair in early November. But the work has to be complete and there at the end of October. Other events will be occurring in the meantime so I need to make optimum use of my time in the studio on the piece.

Other events include a trip to Roanoak, VA to pick up a loom I'm buying! It's a 60" tapestry loom and is previously owned (all my looms were with others before coming to live with me). The loom is no longer made but should be in great condition, according to the description of the current owner. I have a 60" Leclerc Gobelin style loom which I may donate to someone--or keep myself if I can fit both into the studio. And, speaking of the NEW studio space should be available to me by the first of November, maybe before.

I moved into the Stanton Storehouse studio in mid-October last year and have enjoyed the space it's given me to spread out. Although I haven't been paying for the studio through tapestry sales or teaching I've felt it was worth the expense to give myself this gift of space at this point in my life.

The new studio (in a house we own) will also give me space for work but, as it IS a house with kitchen, bedroom, 2 bathrooms (one attached to the bedroom) I'll be able to offer housing options for potential students or others who want to have a get-away for a few days. In fact, I've placed an ad in the upcoming ATA roster noting "Tapestry Retreat" -- space, kitchen privileges, equipment available. The town square is within three block of the studio house so one could come without a car (I'd pick up at the airport) and yet have many cafe and restaurant options in Dahlonega. The public library is also an easy walk away where Internet access could be had. And, Dahlonega has many performance venues, everything from a great community theatre (the Holly) to music in coffee houses and restaurants.

So, finishing touches for the studio house will be taking some of my time in the next few weeks.

I'm also going to Penland School of Crafts at the first week of October for a meeting of SEFEA--Southeast Fiber Educators Association. I've attended one meeting of the group (two years ago--also at Penland) and found it to be quite inspirational. University and other fiber educators from throughout the southeast were there, sharing ideas, their work, teaching hints--all in a very generous way. I'm looking forward to seeing those people again and seeing/hearing what's up in their world.

And yet one more thing is in the works! The weaving program at my university has the opportunity to receive 11 more looms from another university where the weaving program is being cut. While it's a sad thing for that program, this can be a great boon for us! We're in the discussion stages with the department head, the dean, the professor at the other school about logistics and cost. I hope this can happen and happen soon.

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  1. New studio space -- that's exciting!

    If we get the new looms, which I really hope we will, where will we put them?

    And wow, your black walnuts tapestry is going to be beautiful. I can't wait to see it when you've finished!