Wednesday, February 5, 2020

YouTube conversation about "Streams and Strands"

In the last post I mentioned the two-person exhibit that Dianne Mize and I are having at the Sautee Nacoochee Cultural Center right now. The show, called "Streams and Strands," is there until March 1.

Dianne is a painter and teaches primarily through her online courses. She also has free "Quick Tips" online about many different facets of art making. Check out her website for links to her Quick Tips and other information about her courses. Her book, Finding Freedom to Create: A Painter's Roadmap, is one that I've recommended to students and that I often refer to for ideas about design and creativity.

Last Sunday, Dianne and I met with Roger Williams of SauteeLive, a video production company. Roger filmed our rambling conversation about our art making practices. Here's the YouTube link to that conversation. In the video each of us talk about a few of our works that are hanging in the show.

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