Monday, May 28, 2018

John Campbell Folk School Class--one more time!

I am back at the John C. Campbell Folk School this week for a class that I've called "Tapestry--Inspired by Landscape" and the topic is one that's near and dear to my heart since I work with details within the landscape as a primary focus for my own work.  Here's the fiber/weaving studio tonight as I left it heading to my room... still lighted up with energy of people still working:

I have a class of ten and a wonderful assistant who I met when she was a student as Bhakti Ziek and I taught at Penland Concentration in 2017.  Allie is doing a great assistant's job here at JCFS and will also be with me at Arrowmont in a month or so as my assistant there.

Here's Allie, working away as I left the studio tonight.  She finished a small tapestry TODAY that she started YESTERDAY and that I haven't yet photographed and NOW she is almost done with another small one tonight!  Just about 24 hours into her stay here at the Folk School.  Good Lord!

Allie is the speed demon of the group of us... but then she's 23 years old!  Yet the rest of us in the class are 30-somethings -- but the others have also accomplished so much... and in the first day.  Here's a quick walk around the room with my camera.  I didn't capture all that took place but a a taste of the energy that's here.

I truly love the John Campbell Folk School.  The very first weaving class I took as I was learning to weave was here in about 1974 or 1975. And I've taught at the Folk School since the early 1980s. When I was still employed as full-time faculty at the university the workshops I did here and elsewhere were during my summer breaks.  After I retired in 2000 I began doing workshops any time I wanted to and I've tried to get back to the Folk School often.  Each experience has been different and special.

There are a few people who've return year after year to take a class with me and I'm always happy to see their names on the roster.  Thank you for that:  Joann, Ann, Carol, Sidsel, Nancy... and others who aren't here at this particular class.  You've always made my time at the Folk School even more special than it would have otherwise been.

Next year's class I'll be doing at the Folk School will be my last one here.  And as I see it right now, the last one I'll do anywhere except for (possibly) occasional private sessions in my studio as I mentioned a few posts ago--for lots of reasons and all of them right ones, I think.

So... now... four more days to go in this exceptional time here! Onward!

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  1. Any idea of class level (beginners, intermediate)?