Friday, March 30, 2018

Lillian Smith Center--another beautiful visit comes to an end

I've spent the past week in residence at the Lillian Smith Center.  I've been working on a writing project for several months, mostly in fits and starts.  I needed to concentrate on editing and getting away for a few days has given me time to do that.

Here's where I've spent much of each day:

But I've also done this:

And some of this:

I've taken time to walk the loop road around the Center and also get on one of the hiking trails briefly.  Spring is finally coming to the north Georgia mountains--even though it's been chilly enough to wear my coat and gloves every time I've been out this week.

Walking in early springtime brings so many wonderful surprises.  I got to see fiddleheads poking up through the leaf litter--that was quite exciting!  I missed them last year while I was at Penland, just wasn't out in the woods at the right time.

Other tiny things are to be noticed, too:

There was this little fellow:

Some day to be like this:

It's been gray and damp for several days this week but the sky is blue today with puffy, white clouds whipping all around in the breeze.

Now it's time to go home and get back to the work of tapestry weaving.  I hope to be back here soon!

Had to end with a photo of the red door... if you've read past posts from LES Center, you'll have seen the red door before!

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