Saturday, March 4, 2017

Phoenix and more

Earlier in the week I made a trip to Asheville to have the newest tapestry, Phoenix, photographed at Tim Barnwell's studio.

Here's the result:

Like I'd mentioned in an earlier post, I did make-shift finishing using masking tape to hold back warp ends.  I'll use the tapestry during the Penland session as a teaching aid for finishing and preparing a piece for hanging with velcro.

This is the last week of preparations before the Penland class begins!  So much to do and so little time remaining--no panic yet (or not much) but my anxiety level is increasing about what I'll really be able to finish before next Saturday.

Yesterday I put together yet another copper pipe loom to add to my stock.  I wanted to be sure each of us has a loom that we can use for sampling so I'm taking fourteen along with me as loaners.  We'll have both tapestry looms and floor looms going through the next eight weeks.

A couple of other things I want to note here.  First, is a new exhibit posted at TEx@ATA.  This is American Tapestry Alliance's online gallery showcasing curated exhibitions of contemporary tapestry artists from around the world.  I have a small tapestry included in Elements: earth, air, fire, water – an international non-juried exhibition initiated by Jane Freear-Wyld (UK).  Here's a link for that.

ATA has also posted a video recently in which I have a tapestry included.  The video is found at this link. 

Now, back to the Penland Prep!

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