Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2016 tapestry diary

Here's a photo of the finished tapestry diary from last year.  I took it myself, standing on a chair in the kitchen and shooting downward... hence the not-too-great view!  It's 50" long x 11.5" wide, 8 epi of 10/3 linen for warp.

It's at the frame shop now and once I have it back I'll schedule a session with Tim Barnwell in Asheville for a better photo--and maybe by then I'll have one or two more small ones to take to have photographed, as well.

2015 was the first time I decided to weave imagery within the tapestry diary... here's the link to a post about that one that I made once I'd cut it off.  During 2015 I wove separate parts for each week of the months throughout the year. 

For 2016, I changed to having an image for each month and using what I found relating to the black walnut tree each month.

Although I'm getting a later start today, I'm off to the studio to "weave my day" on my 2017 tapestry diary. I'm still not sure what direction the new one will take other than a noting of days as they come with a separate small entry.  But I do like the challenge of designing something representational and incorporating the larger image into the daily parts. 


  1. As a new weaver your tapestry to me is simply mindbogglingly stunning! I hope someday to be half as talented as you are ... :)
    Hugs for now from snowy New Hampshire, and hoping you have a Spectacular New Year!
    Beth P
    (lost my blog so this is a new address: https://pinkopossumstudio.blogspot.com

  2. That's beautiful! I have my fingers crossed that I'll be able to get into your JCCFS class this summer!