Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Catching up with the big one...

I'm still weaving away on the large tapestry that's been on the loom since late November.  It has been a really hard one to weave.  Not difficult to weave, just hard to find (make) time to do it!  Distractions, what-ifs, and multiple other things have kept me from putting myself at the loom bench and weaving.  But my resolution now is ... DO IT! 

Here's where I left it last night: 

I hope to have a few more inches woven by the end of the day.  If those pesky what-ifs will leave me alone for awhile.


  1. Tommye what loom are you using and what is your favorite yarn to use?

  2. Linda,
    The loom that this piece is being woven on is a Ruthie loom, made by Crisp Woodworking back in the 1980s (?). The loom isn't made any longer but sometimes one comes up used and that's how I got this one nine or ten years ago.

    I use mostly Vevgarn, a wool/spelsau yarn from Norway that I get through Sidsel Moreb who has Norsk Fjord Fiber. I also use ALV from Kathe Todd-Hooker. It's also from Norway.

    I am beginning to use other fibers (linen and hemp, especially) blended with the wools. I was fortunate to be able to receive quite a lot of Silvia Heyden's yarns, particularly linens, after she passed away and have tried to incorporate some of those in all of my tapestries I've made since then.