Sunday, August 3, 2014

More stones and a big thank you!

Here's where I am today--just approaching the 3/4 mark on the tapestry.  Slowly, slowly, slowly it grows.

Look at the painting posted at the left side of the blog page to see the progress points.  I keep referring to the original to keep myself encouraged about progress even though it seems to be so slow.

Now... the big thank you goes to a very kind fellow participant from the recent Marcel Marois workshop in Rhode Island who sent me this book as a gift:

I've searched unsuccessfully for the book for about twenty years... and the other day, I opened up my mail box to find an unexpected and quite wonderful surprise!  THANK YOU, JENNY!  I am eternally grateful for your generosity.  I've just spent an hour or so with Google translation and find that I will indeed be able to figure out what I need to from the text even through I don't read French.  The illustrations are superb and I knew that I'd be able to learn so much from those alone.  Hooray!

More from the Rhode Island adventures soon, I promise.  It was a remarkable time.

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