Monday, August 4, 2014

Day by Day, Stone by Stone (almost)

To say I've completed the weaving of a stone today would be, well... a lie?  A stretching of the truth?  An inaccurate assessment of the situation?  Something along those lines.  However, I have moved the tapestry along, pass by pass, cm by cm.  Take a look at yesterday's post photo and compare it to today's:

See the progress?  Look closely at the right side.  That's where I spent the day, sitting at the right side of the loom and weaving more on the stone there, making decisions about how much of the red-orange to include in new bobbins being introduced.

I also rolled the warp down a bit and now I can see the top of the design area on the cartoon.  There's about 23" remaining to the top now.  I have some changes to make in the cartoon as I now see it all once more and can compare to what's been done.  I can do that by drawing correction and or additions with Sharpie on the reverse side of the Mylar.  Not everyone works with this approach, making changes as the piece grows.  But I do.  It's the way I work on the designs, as well.  Steve Aimone, in his classes and books, talks about "flux" and I like to think of what I do with my tapestry cartoons is to keep an attitude of working in flux, from beginning to end.  Drives me crazy some of the times and gives me a great deal of pleasure and surprise at other times.  In the end, it usually works out OK.  

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