Tuesday, December 6, 2011

making friends with the loom that bit me

I've been weaving a couple of rag rugs and using the loom that I had the unfortunate accident with back in February.  I've had it warped all summer but just hadn't had time to weave on the loom.  When I do weaving like this, in this case the rag rugs, I call it my "hobby weaving"--hobby for me since it's for my own use and not for show or sale.  It takes time from tapestry making to do this but sometimes I need a break.  After the past month's push to finish the pieces for the exhibit at Quinlan I felt some down time was needed.  Hence the rugs.



One of these will go to the house to use in the mud room and the other one will be used here at the studio.  These woven with 1" strips that are stitched together by sewing machine.  I'll braid the warp ends next and then wash the rugs before putting them on the floor.  I just cut them off a few minutes ago and will spend a bit of time early next week getting the ends done.

So my usual garb is what that you see in the photos above, but once or twice a year my husband and I play dress up to attend a charity function of some sort.  The most recent event was last Saturday night and here we are... ready to leave.  The next "do" is coming up this weekend and we'll once again be putting on the party clothes!

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