Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wonderful workshop experience!

Just a week ago today I was still at the Archie Brennan & Susan Maffei workshop!  Seems like a month has passed since then since my week has been quite busy.  But I'm finally having time to go through the photos I took during the workshop and post a few of those to the Tapestry Share blog.  I won't repeat myself here about those--just include the link so you can leap over there if you want to.

Here's my loom with the piece I wove just about done.

I had a wicked, wicked, wicked sinus/allergy/cold/something during the workshop and I felt like crap most of the time.  My tapestry design, unfortunately, reflects the state of my being during the week.  Even though I was feeling puny for the few days I still feel I came away with new inspiration and knowledge--something I find in every workshop I've taken with Archie & Susan.

This was my fifth time to study with them, the first being in 1994 when TWiNE (Tapestry Weavers in New England) sponsored a retreat at Harrisville, NH.  Everyone who has a workshop from me knows that I frequently say, "According to Archie...." or "Susan says...."-- and I make it clear to anyone who will listen that I consider them my tapestry gurus.  So I was happy to have the time with them last week--even if the time wasn't as "quality-ladened" as it could have been if I'd felt better.

I was excited to learn that the long-awaited series of DVDs of tapestry instruction they've been working on for awhile is now available.  I bought a copy and have watched several parts of a couple of them, so far.  It's a fantastic learning aid and I'm happy that it's available.

By Sunday and the end of the workshop I was feeling somewhat human again... here I am at the wetlands bridge at Camp Mikell... the day was just a glorious one and a great way to end this chapter of study with Archie & Susan!  

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