Friday, December 17, 2010

Left West Dean this afternoon... still waiting to get home.

I have hundreds of photos in the computer from West Dean... just hope to get home to sort through them all and post a few (not hundreds, don't worry!)

Right now I'm at a Premier Inn across from Gatwick Airport.  I was picked up by taxi at West Dean College this afternoon and after an hour and a half drive (through snow part of the way) got to the hotel.  I'm settling in now for the evening and will be up and out of here by around 5 a.m.  Check in is recommended three hours prior to boarding and boarding time is 8:20 a.m. UK time.  Flight's supposed to leave at 9:15.  HOPE IT DOES!  I'm ready to get home, see husband and cat, get some rest, then get ready for visit from friends for the holidays.  Of course, the studio calls to me at home and I'm ready, willing and able to get there and get busy.

What have I learned at West Dean?  More to come about that...


  1. Hope you are home safe & sound by now, Tommye! Looking forward to reading your next posts (as I am guessing it may take several to share your incredible experience!)

  2. Know you have had grand time and are ready to get home. Good travels.