Friday, May 1, 2009

120 days and counting...

as my tapestry diary for 2009 continues. It's hard to believe that 1/3 of the year has now passed! Last year, it seemed like such a chore to complete a day's section of my month-long tapestry journal. Now, I've completed four months of my year-long one and it seems so easy! Of course, I'm doing much simpler day entries this time around.

It's quite interesting to sit at the loom each day, take a look at what's happened before and select colors and the mode of representation for the day's entry. As the month's days increase, the time I spend contemplating grows also as I figure out how I'll represent the day-date notation. Today it was quite simple... a single horizontal line on a background of yellow. Yesterday the date was challenging... thirty days to mark in someway. Because I was rushed, I chose the simplest thing I could: 30 spots, 6 across X 5 up.

Next week I'll be flying to Vermont for a much anticipated tutorial with Bhakti Ziek. And today I committed myself to purchasing a 16-shaft AVL dobby loom from someone who's selling it. Where in the world will all this lead me? Somewhere combined with my tapestry work, I know. But the path is unmapped for me right now.


  1. The journal tapestry is really wonderful and I'm glad you have stuck with it. That will be something to behold when it's all done.

    I would use the same approach to the new adventure - approach each day and see what comes!

  2. Thanks Jennifer. Yes, what will today bring... and then tomorrow, and tomorrow, and....?!

  3. Tommye,

    Thanks for the "warm wishes" comment you left on my latest post. I cannot wait to read all about your time with Bhakti Ziek, I know it will be inspiring. Have a wonderful, safe, & creative journey!