Saturday, March 22, 2008

What's on the loom...

I'm working on a small piece right I began in November as a demo piece. I have it promised to a friend in trade for an amazing tapestry of hers. I'd like to finish it in a couple of weeks and possibly will be able to do so.

This portrait of Vandiver, my cat friend who lives with Noel & Patrick, is based on a photo I made of him when we were at their place last June. I stylized the shapes, eliminating much of the detail of the chair he was lying in. Since he's so wonderfully graphic with his white/black coloring I thought I'd use bright colors for the tapestry. In addition to the black and white I chose a four color arrangement of intermediate colors and variations of those: red-orange, red-violet, yellow-green, blue-green. Just a teeny bit of pinkish-tan and gray make his nose and the inside of his ear.

The tapestry in progress is the third portrait I've done of Vandiver. He's 17 this year! The small one below is called "Vandiver Walking" and was in the small format exhibit at the Cincinnati Convergence...when was that? Think it was in 2000; if that's the case, this piece was done that year...and Vandiver was just a young guy then! I'm not sure I have a photo of the third piece, one called "Magic Carpet Ride," where Vandiver is lying on an antique kilim saddle blanket. The pattern of the kilim made a great contrast for his black & white self for that one.

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