Friday, March 21, 2008

Posting about Penland Concentration on Desert Tapestry Weavers blog

Thanks to Lyn Hart for posting information about the Penland Concentration course on the Desert Tapestry Weavers blog today. It looks great on the site, Lyn!

Pat, Peggy and I are hard at work to prepare for the course. Much of the reading, thinking, experimenting that we all are doing has a focus on creativity...especially since we'll have "creative meanderings" playing a large role. We certainly aren't trying to create or even re-create the creativity wheel, by any means!! Much has been written about the creative process in the past, some of it very helpful and some of it hooey. But as with anything I teach, I like to present options--not necessarily give answers. The "what ifs" are probably more important than the "this is the way it is..." anyway.

'Way back in the early 1980s my friend, Diane, and I used to say that we had lots of answers...we just didn't know what the questions were. A quarter of a century later I feel that I now have particularly right answers anymore! Wonder if that's a good thing...oops, that's another question, isn't it? Yikes, and there's another one!

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