Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Appalachian Arts Craft Center tapestry class

Over the weekend of May 14 and 15 I taught a beginning tapestry class at Appalachian Arts Craft Center in Norris, Tennessee.  There were eleven people in the class and all were eager to learn about tapestry.

I'd asked them to come with frame looms that we'd warp at the class and there was an assortment of types there from several Archie Brennan-style copper pipe looms to artist stretcher bars, with a few other configurations, as well.

We set up a warp with 12/12 cotton seine twine at 8 epi for 4" width on Saturday morning and everyone was weaving by early afternoon.

In beginning classes I introduce basics of meet and separate technique, working from the front.  Two colors are used as they become familiar with the differences of high and low at the turns of the passes, and I ask them to make vertical edges between the shapes with steps of several passes.

Next come diagonals with different angles that result from the number of passes for each turn.  And then a bit of hatching before the introduction of a third color between.

The students worked intently for the two days and everyone, I think, accomplished what she needed to so they can more forward with exploring tapestry on their own.  And I hope they will!

By the way, read more about the class from the viewpoint of one of the students at her post to Loomy Tunes--Tuesday Weavers blog!  Thanks, Carol!

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