Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Framing for tapestries

New and older tapestries--all framed now!

A couple of years ago I decided that many of my tapestries, even larger ones, look much better with a presentation more akin to that used for a painted canvas.   I've started using float (or floater) frames and having the pieces professionally done, after I stitched them to a mounting board, at Caroline Budd Picture Framing in Atlanta.  In the last post there was a photo as I was finishing up the bloodroot tapestry by stitching it onto the mounting board to get it ready to take to Caroline's.  Well... shortly after that was completed I stepped back to looked and realized much to my disappointment that the mounting board wasn't quite the right size.   It was too long by about 1/2" and too much of the mounting fabric showed at top and bottom.  Not much but still ... it wasn't right.

Well, after a major hissy fit and melt down (yes, it's possible to have both over something as seemingly unimportant as a tapestry mounting mistake) my husband convinced me to take the whole damn thing to the professionals.  And I did.  I turned it all over to their textile expert who works with fabrics and framing all the time.  She's also an textile artist so she totally understands not only the details for preparing textiles for framing but she also appreciates the work that goes into creation of pieces that come to her hands for her expert treatment.

My husband picked them up today and I was thrilled with the result.  Absolutely amazed at how a piece I completed in 2008 has now taken on a new presence and life by being mounted and placed in a float frame.  The quilt piece that I finished in 2011 has now been framed, as well.  And the hissy fit piece--the one that started this?  The bloodroot tapestry that I completed this summer now has a wonderful presentation in the float frame, mounted carefully onto a mounting board that's the RIGHT size for the piece.

These tapestries will be hanging somewhere here at our house in the future.  Right now they're going to sit where I can admire the framing job!


  1. They look lovely. The bloodroot tapestry looks especially wonderful with that thoughtful mounting. Your work deserves the best presentation you can manage.

  2. They are all lovely and enhanced by the framing work. I especially love the bloodroot. It is exquisite, Tommye. Enjoy

  3. Tommye, I'm so excited to see this mounting technique. Still on the stretcher but inserted into the floater. It makes a huge difference in how woven work is approached. Exquisite!