Saturday, June 27, 2015

Arrowmont and before

I had a great time meeting Valerie Kirk last Sunday as she was leaving the U.S., for her next adventure in Peru.  She'd been teaching tapestry at Penland prior to the weekend when I was able to meet up with her in Asheville.  Here we are at Ariel Gallery in Asheville:

While I was waiting for Valerie, I happened to notice this coincidence of stripes being worn by a couple of people who apparently didn't know each other.  I loved the visual combination of their clothing stripes and the silhouette of the plant at Malaprop's.

Arrowmont  days are finally here--seems like so long ago when I was talking via emails with Nick at Arrowmont about this summer's class.  But here it is--starting tomorrow!  I'm quite happy to be here (after a driving adventure of epic annoying proportions...[thank goodness for Auto Zone of Franklin, NC]) and ready to set up tomorrow for class.

It was raining (a lot!) as I arrived.  My teaching assistant, Laura Beth, was here and helped unloaded my car with stuff for the class... here's the way some of the car looked as I was leaving Dahonega today:

I could see out the back, really I could!

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