Saturday, February 28, 2015

February--what a month!

February 28.  And so ends a month filled with days at the hospital (with my husband having surgery); a refrigerator dying (and a dorm size one living on the kitchen counter for a couple of weeks until the new one could be delivered); an ice storm (and resulting minor damage to porch roof and gutters as limbs of the big holly tree fell); teaching at John Campbell Folk School (and living through enjoying two snowfalls during the week, the second one dumping about 6"); and a minor fall (as I tripped over a lump of frozen snow while loading the car with a box of pipe loom parts yesterday and then setting the car's alarm off as I floundered around in the snow, ice and mud to try to get up--keys in my pocket).  Believe it or not, I managed to finish my tapestry diary today.

Here's a bit of a closer view:

Tomorrow is another day, another month and time to yet again be thankful to be alive and to be able to laugh at it all (or at least some of it).


  1. What a month you've had, Tommye! Here's hoping March has fewer mishaps and more time for stress-free weaving!

  2. I always sat February is the longest month of the year! Love the pecans!

  3. Oh, my. What adventures you have had. Hopefully March will be a time of calm and recovery for you all. We had 10 inches of snow here in Mentone last Wednesday, but we just stayed put for 2 days 'til it went away.....nice thing about snow in the south. It is respectful and goes away before it wears out it's welcome