Wednesday, April 2, 2014

This and That and Another Thing

My time at the studio has been scant in the last few days since my husband had a bit of surgery.  The surgery was outpatient but we still were at the hospital for most of yesterday.  While there, I didn't even do my usual waiting room sketching.  Just spent the time by reading and waiting; waiting and reading.  Oh, watching the clock and waiting for the call from surgery was part of it all, too.

He's doing pretty well so today I'm at the studio for a couple of hours to put in a few passes on the tapestry and catch up on emails.  I've just learned that I have a piece accepted in the exhibit, The Art of the Cloth, that's going to be in New Hampshire and Pennsylvania in 2014 and 2015.  That was exciting news and I'm happy to be among the artists included.

Next week I'll be sending off a tapestry to another juried exhibition, American Tapestry Biennial 10.  The show will be in three locations across the country between this May and next April.  The exhibit's first venue is the Visions Art Museum in San Diego.  Next will be the Kent State University Museum in Kent, Ohio.  And, the last stop of the exhibit will be Kaneko in Omaha, Nebraska.

Since the work will have thousands of miles to travel and be unpacked and repacked several times I've invested in a sturdy box from Uline.  I called them late yesterday to order the box--and up drove the UPS truck with it today!  Talk about service--I've never ordered from Uline before but, so far, I'm impressed.  This box is indeed a bit of an investment as it cost way more than I'm used to paying for packing materials.  But the description reads well...

and the real thing looks as sturdy as promised.  So... I'll pack it up, send it away and keep my fingers crossed for safe journeys for the tapestry!  

Another thing to add to this post is a link to the wonderful article Janette Meetze has written about the tapestry diary practice that I've been engaged in for several years and that others are exploring, as well.  Janette's writes about her own tapestry diary occasionally at her blog, as does Jan Austin.  Here's the article link at the American Tapestry Alliance's website.

Now... time to close up shop here, go home and see what I can prepare for the guy for dinner!

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