Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Plugging away at the feathers tapestry...

I'm within about 8" to 14" to the top of this piece now.  Pass by pass, it will be done!  Sooner rather than later, I hope.

Last week I was very pleased to learn that my tapestry, Quilt Fall, was selected for the Handweavers Guild of America Award in the exhibit, "In the Mind's Eye".   Here I am, standing proudly beside the tapestry... with the HGA award ribbon on the wall beside the piece.  

Photo is hot in the center from the lighting... but here's another photo of the tapestry.  The colors are still not quite right but this is better:

This tapestry was one of the first I did following my hand accident of a year and a half ago.  Several people mentioned to me that this doesn't look like my work (my images are usually related to nature in some way).  But when I wanted to tackle something large again after my hand seemed to be back in good working order I didn't have anything in mind for image.  So I dug out an idea from several years ago when I'd drawn this quilt several times over.  I'd made batiks from the drawings then and had liked the graphic quality of them.  And I thought that someday I'd like to weave the images in tapestry.  And that day came when I was ready to weave--but didn't have new nature-oriented ideas to tackle.   I wrote about it at the blog then at this link.

OK... enough time spent here!  I need to get back to those feathers... after all, they're not weaving themselves! 


  1. Tommye,
    I think the "Quilt Fall" is my favorite of all your work! It is simply beautiful!

  2. Wow, Tommye, congratulations on the award for that lovely tapestry. Well deserved, it is lovely.