Thursday, February 21, 2013

Steps forward, several steps back, steps forward again...

"Whatever ye weave, so shall ye rip."

That quotation was stitched onto a piece of handwoven fabric with raveled ends that I saw many years ago in the weaving room at John C. Campbell Folk School.  I often tell students about that in my classes, especially when someone is needing to take something out.  And I occasionally say it to myself.  Yesterday was one of those "rip it out" days for me.

Here's the reason:

What's wrong with this picture?  Well, the weft bundles aren't the same, are they.  The two blues I'm using for the sky are Vevgarn, a yarn that's slightly larger than the light gray that's being combined with them.  That's what's on the bobbin at the upper right.  The ends that are at the lower right have two blues, both the right color but one of the larger Vevarn and the other of the smaller 20/2 wool.  And the lighter color is white, or rather, the natural, a sort of cream color.

Somehow in my rapt attention to my book on CD I'd wound a bobbin full of the bottom yarns and was happily weaving away--for several inches before I noticed what was happening.  Here's how wide and how high that area was.  The empty warps above and beside the ruler were what had been filled with the offending weft bundle.  Of course, there were other wefts involved and those had to be taken out, bit by bit, to release the bad weft:

Grrrr!!!  I ended yesterday by unweaving the mistake but I just didn't have the heart to weave it back in correctly.

But I did today.  Here's where I'm leaving it tonight as I head home.  Started with a quote and so will end with one:  as my friend, Diane, says, "Any forward gear will do."  



  1. Owie! Owie! Owie! That hurts!Hate it when I have to rip out! Let a lone seeing some one else have to rip too! I can really empathize. I just ripped out 2 sq. inches because of a dye lot problem that I didn't notice, because my light is failing in the studio. The contractor hasn't put in the new lights. He's still tiling the kitchen floor because I let him create his on schedule to do the hard stuff first. So I could get to my weaving faster! He thinks a working kitchen is more important than being able to see in the studio. His comment when I suggested the other first was to say the kitchen is more important then the lights. How are you going to cook dinner for your husband, if you don't have a floor to walk on!!! Whatever--head banging time. Well he's obviously never had to tear out 2 square inches of sewing thread! I am still tearing out the two square inches and surrounding area. It gets better- What's the book you are reading and weaving too-must be good!

  2. Oh my goodness, Kathe! 2 sq. inches of sewing thread is indeed painful! Much more so than what I had to take out. Well, maybe Spencer would vote for your getting in there and shaking those pots and pans!

    The book was a Greg Iles mystery, Mortal Fear. The kind of thing that drives me crazy in places yet sucks me in in others. 18 CDs to keep me planted on the weaving bench for hours at a time. Nothing enlightening or inspirational, I'm afraid!