Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Good news came yesterday

I had this juror notification card in the mail:

Notice the two checks in the Accept lines!  

Now... back to the feathers.


  1. Congratulations!
    I used to do their exhibit every year, but stopped after having a tapestry stolen, as they will not insure your work. So, just a heads up, you might want to see if you can insure it yourself. And if you do, can you let me know how you did it? My insurer won't cover work in an uninsured gallery, but I might look elsewhere if I knew where to check.

  2. Congratulations!
    Me too!
    State Farm allows tapestry to be insured under their/my business policy when in shows.

  3. Congratulations!
    Me too!
    State Farm allows it to be insured under their/my business policy.

  4. Congratulations on two Tommye; they took one of my newest, so tapestry will be well represented there!


  5. Thanks, Kathy, Janette, Kathe and Michael!

    Yes, Kathy, I realized they didn't insure the works... that's too bad and I know they're missing some wonderful works (like yours) by not doing so.

    Kathe and Michael, glad to hear you've gotten works in this show, too. Good to know that tapestry will be well represented!