Wednesday, July 18, 2012

B/W Fiddlehead progress

 Here's where I am today, July 18...

...about 8" from the top in the highest point, 14" away at the sides.

My deadline for delivery of the tapestry to the Southern Highland Guild's 2012 Members exhibit is August 27.  Between then and now, lots of things are happening--including a trip to California for Convergence and American Tapestry Alliance retreat and a few other things that I'll mention sometime soon.

I'm going to weave for a bit longer today and then do the errands I need to do here before stopping to pack.  I've shipped my loom and workshop supplies to Long Beach; according to the tracking information, my package arrived.  Now, I just have to get there to meet it!

I hope to see some of you there!


  1. It looks monumental; the sense of depth is amazing.

  2. Thanks, Alice! I'm really wanting to finish this one now and move to something with COLOR! But the black and white challenge of the last two pieces has been indeed that--and I think it's good for me to back away from color sometimes--I rely on it too much.