Monday, June 4, 2012

Moving forward by backing up...

... and in tapestry, backing up means unweaving.  I spent a good part of today's time by unweaving an area I wasn't happy with.  I eliminated a leaf shape that was under the swooping arch of the left fiddlehead.  The leaf didn't make sense because the other side of it would be joining a vine in an awkward place behind the stem of another fiddlehead.  Make sense?  Doesn't make much sense when I write about it but I could see a problem--and after trying to convince myself that I could make it work out, I realized that it just wouldn't.

So... away went a couple of inches of yesterday's work.  But, that's OK.  I'm beyond that point now and making some other modifications along the way.  Here's where I'm leaving it today:


  1. Amazing!!! Watching from one day to the next has been so inspiring! Thank you for sharing the progress!

  2. Thanks, LouAnn!

    Things will slow down soon... jury duty coming up, then trip, then Arrowmont teaching. So I'm trying to get as much done as I can before all of that begins.

  3. This is so beautiful Tommye! I'm wondering what kind of join you are using between the cream border and the Fiddleheads? Or is it sew as you go? The whole piece is wonderful. Who would think Achromatics could be so exciting, but they are!

  4. Cathie, thanks for your kind words. Anout the join- yes, it's sew as you go, with occasional passes from one side to the other. Those passes are for design rather than structure, though.