Friday, June 29, 2012

Arrowmont--day four in the studio

So much happened today!  Completions, continuations and beginnings were the way the day played out.  Completion for a sampler, continuation of a tapestry diary to record the week at Arrowmont, and beginnings of three new tapestries... two to be completed by tomorrow at 6 when we have to be out of the studio (and they have to remove their pieces from my looms so I can pack them up and take them away with me), and one tapestry-in-progress to go home with the student on her newly made (by her) tapestry loom.

What a great group of students this is!  I so much appreciate their willingness to take the journey of the week's challenges along with me.  Arrowmont is a fantastic place to both visit and to spend time at... if you've ever though about taking a class here, please go beyond the "thought" stage... and DO IT!

P.S.  I have no financial connection to Arrowmont... just have had rich personal experiences both as a student in the past and more recently as an instructor.

So, lots of photos with little text follow:

And visitors to the studio tonight included:
This young man is taking the jewelry class with Bob Ebendorf... he visited the weaving studio tonight--is he having a good time with metals, or what?!

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  1. It sure looks like you've had a successful workshop! And, I agree...Arrowmont is such a lovely place to nurture creativity.