Monday, June 25, 2012

Arrowmont, day 1 (really day 2)

Since we started with our classes last night, this is really our second day of studio time.  Last night in the studio we introduced ourselves to each other, then I did a slide show of tapestry diary work (mine and that of several others), we looked at the examples of my tapestry diary work and the tapestries from other artists I'd brought, and chatted a bit about the plans for the week's work.

Today, by 8:30 a.m. we were all in the studio and eager to get it all underway.  So, although class "officially" starts at 9, we were up and running as soon as everyone was there--and that was early!

So, today involved putting together and warping the Archie Brennan-style frame looms I'd brought and beginning the first exploration of meet and separate.  We got to the point of hatching by the end of the day and we'll do diagonals, add a third color (and get the meet/separate sequence correct), and pick & pick tomorrow.  After that, they'll have the option of warping a second loom and developing a cartoon to follow.

Here are a few of the stages along the way today:

a loom in the ready-to-be-made stag!


  1. I've seen looms similar to the ones you are using, but yours seem to have all the details that I would like. Where can I get a copper loom just like yours?

    Thank you!

    Susan, in middle GA

  2. The copper pipe looms are based on Archie Brennan's design. You can find the diagram on his website--it's linked at the left on my blog here.