Sunday, April 29, 2012

Second fiddlehead is done!

I just finished it a short while ago... have to stop to do other things right now.  But I hope to get back to the tapestry later today.

Here's the drawing detail it's based on:

Sort of a wonky spiral.  Those fiddleheads open so quickly and turn into ferns that they sometimes seem quite wonky to me.  I almost think I could watch them unfurl if I sat in the woods long enough!

Here's the woven version:


  1. i love seeing the cartoon unroll behind the warp!

    i can't quite make out, from the pictures, how you attach the cartoon/keep it in place

  2. Thanks! I attach the cartoon by stitching it on. I use a curved needle, tie a sewing thread to it and stitch through the Mylar cartoon. I restitch ever so often to keep the cartoon close to the piece and I clip out the earlier stitches so the cartoon doesn't roll up with the tapestry when I advance the piece.

  3. love this tommye...just the word "fiddlehead" makes me smile...I"ve always been a fan of the spiral, so using this as inspiration seems delightful. I"ll be checking back in for sure-Ruth

  4. I love it! So organic even though it's in black and white (mostly). I'd love to see it next to your other fiddlehead fern tapestry, which is one of my favorites.