Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Jan Austin's tapestry diary for 2010

Jan Austin also decided to work through the year of 2010 on a tapestry diary.  She's just posted about her finishing and cutting off at her blog... take a look!

As Jan says, the process is the point of these daily efforts.  A few minutes each day to devote to a practice of one's craft.  We're not "making art" as we do these weavings... rather, we're moving through the process of making; from the effort we develop discipline, persistence.

And... my beginnings for the new year:

My tapestry diary for 2011 begins as a challenge to myself of the process of learning through the making.  Each day's few minutes experience with warp and weft will be one of learning more about the medium of tapestry weaving.  BUT, the ultimate goal is simply the process of putting weft into warp each day during this new year.  By doing that I will have a tangible record of my place on the earth in this life I hold for a short time.


  1. I like your philosophy...not quite as intimidating. I have a friend here who has vowed to do a painting a day for a year and post them on her facebook page. she started on her birthday and is now on day 183 and has not missed a day...She does amazing stuff. Look for Pam Watters.

  2. Thanks, Sue!
    Thanks also for the hint about Pam Watters. Her work is beautiful.