Thursday, December 2, 2010

West Dean College in the SNOW!

Lots and lots of snow... about 9 or 10"--beautiful but COLD!  This is what I saw when I looked out my window around 7 this morning:

Leaving the main house, the men were working to clear some bit of the drive...

Walking to the studio was a bit of a challenge without boots... 

... here's Diana, struggling through the snow in the garden...

but got there to find... that Pat was there before us--here she is waving from her office window...

She'd scraped the path to and between the tapestry and painting/sculpture studios and salted it...

Lunch was what was on hand at the studio today--didn't want to brave the elements again until the end of the day...

and so, spent most of the day weaving.

We'd had a London trip scheduled today but that was obviously postponed.  Next week, perhaps, for the trip.  My time here is now growing short... 15 more days.  Lots to do in the time remaining!


  1. Thank you for the beautiful pictures! I had been reading about the snow in the UK. Your work is progressing!!!

  2. wooo, Tommye, To think you left GA and subfreezing temps for beautiful snow. Saw on evening news the coverage of England's big snow. Stay warm and enjoy.

  3. How beautiful! ...and cold. Does a gal from the south have warm enough clothes for all that? I hope so!

  4. that first photo, the morning view, it's just so blue. i had no idea. But once you were there what joy, to be forced to weave all day. k.

  5. How beautiful the snow is! And how nice that you have lights and heat, and were able to weave all day. Sounds like heaven.

  6. 12/10/10 11:33am
    I love the photo of the white woven placemat and napkin,,,,,can you please tell me how that comes off the loom with frayed edges on all 4 sides????? I want to make some like that and cannot figure that out???? Thanks from Janet

  7. Janet,
    When I wove the napkins I machine zig-zagged around all four sides then pulled warps out at the sides for a fringe. Wefts came out at top and bottom. The zig-zag stitches stopped the fraying from going further. A nicer way to do it would be to hand hemstitch around all four sides.

  8. Hi Tommye,
    This may sound like a stupid question. but is the weaving on the right side a color sample?
    Thanks, Michelle

  9. Hi Michelle,
    I don't know which weaving you mean--the one shown in the post is a small sample of a larger image that I was using to work out some blending ideas. Is it the pinkish/red-orange one you mean?

  10. Yes Tommye, that is the one. I see small squares of different colors on the right side of the sample.

    P.S. I loved being able to share your wonderful adventure at West Dean!! Thank you.