Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tapestry days

Tapestry Weavers South workshop that I'll be co-teaching with Pat Williams begins today!  It has 15 participants and we should have a grand time over the next few days learning about the ins and outs of both basic tapestry methods and more.  I hope to have time to post a few photos from the class soon.

My blogging has slowed way down in the past couple of months due to life circumstances... ever have any of those?!  Most have been fine, some have been otherwise... but la, la, la, la... life goes on.

Anyway... my tapestry diary is progressing... lots of blanks in place but solid days, too.  The latest Handwoven with the theme of Slow Cloth has a tiny photo of my 2009 tapestry calendar included.  It's on page 32, if you've got the magazine and haven't noticed it.  I'm in good company on that page... there's also a photo of a couple of Michael Rhode's works, plus one of Sarah Swett's, and Kathe Todd-Hooker's tapestries.

Here's the tapestry diary as of Oct. 26... a few more blanks coming up as this teaching gig gets underway... and then next weekend begins the extended series of blanks as I leave for England to spend six weeks at West Dean College immersed in tapestry.  How exciting is that?!


  1. good to see you and your tapestry diary back again, even if only for a moment. how fabulous for you to spend time at West Dean College, can you blog along while you are there? cheers, kaite

  2. Hi Kaite... I hope to be able to blog from West Dean.
    Thanks for keeping up with what I'd doing! Hope you're doing great.