Thursday, August 19, 2010

Third day at Penland, August 18, 2010--mostly photos

Just a few words below... lots of work done and more to come so I need to end the evening before midnight today. It's 11:25 p.m. now. The post will be made tomorrow since I don't have internet access here and am using Blogo to write the post to be published tomorow.

Audrey thinks about what's next...

Audrey shows where she is at the end of the day...

Barbara showed a few of her small pieces to the rest of the class and I think everyone was amazed as I was at the beauty of these small pieces.

Meredith demonstrates continuous warping for the class and then continues for the warp she's putting on for her next weaving. Raising the loom on boxes at the four corners is a handy way to warp by one's self.

Joan continues to work on her piece.

Karen sets up to begin a cartoon.

Karen, who's staying in a condo near here so she can have her dog with her, brought Mitzi to the studio tonight.

Kimberly works out more ideas in her sampling.

Meredith works on her hew warp. She's used the Churro wool for warp that I bought at Convergence.

And here at the third floor of Lily Loom House we'll all begin our next day together on the 19th of August.

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