Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hambidge... five more days to go!

Here are my options for art making--so far, I've been using the paper not the yarn. Looms still wait with blank warps, though! And I'm running out of paper. Maybe I'll be weaving for the next five days!


  1. Hi Tommye!

    I hope the last days of your residency are as wonderful as the first! How beautiful it is there, I can imagine all of those deciduous trees putting on a spectacular color show for you. I can smell the fall air & the scent of fallen leaves, a fragrance one never forgets.

    And I must thank you again for inspiring me... in reading your posts about the residency, I remembered reading the posts you did the last time you were there & thinking that was something I'd like to explore. This time, I realized if Georgia has such a wonderful place, surely Arizona must also... it does, at the Grand Canyon, one of my most favorite places I have ever spent time in! I am going to apply for the 2009 three week residency on the North Rim. I will have my fingers crossed... something tells me they've never had a tapestry weaver, so isn't it about time?


  2. LYN! My fingers are crossed for you to be selected for the residency! And, in the future, why not also consider applying here at Hambidge.