Friday, July 11, 2008

tapestry is moving along OK...not photos yet but soon

Here's a quick post to note that Kathe Todd-Hooker and Pat Spark, owners of Fine Fiber Press, have begun a blog that I've put in my "places to visit" list at the side. Kathe is the list owner of the tapestry list, a great networking place for tapestry weavers. She started the list in about 1996 or so. I've subscribed to it since the beginning and have gotten to know so many people through it. Kathe is also a writer about tapestry and other things; she has several articles and also books published now. Three of her books, Shaped Tapestry, Line in Tapestry, and Tapestry 101 are full of information about different techniques of tapestry weaving. I have all three, have reviewed two of them for other fiber publications, and I recommend them to students. While they aren't in color, except for some in the last book, Tapestry 101, the line drawings and diagrams are quite good and the black and white photos, as well.

SO, here's a plug for Kathe and Pat's new blog,!

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