Friday, June 13, 2008

graduation day at weaving boot camp

Jean and Joan happily cut off their weavings about 2:45 p.m. yesterday. Here's an unsorted group of photos from the day. AND, we didn't get to the Folk School as planned because of all the work to do yesterday, but we're off to there this morning! Great fun and lots of learning this week!

Our cat, Raymond, wasn't too sure about the whole episode but he lurked at the edges of the room most of the week.

My husband took us out to dinner last night and presented his sisters with trophies and "awards of achievement" for their time at the first of the Scanlin Weaving Boot Camp experiences!!


Trapunto said...

Hello there, I've been visiting your blog from the weaveRing. What a great way to learn! Applause for you and your students!

oilonlinen said...

Ok, I may be a little biased because you ARE my sister-im-law, but honestly, I had the very best time learning how to weave and I can't believe I got a beautiful table runner for my first time ever weaving. That just goes to show YOU ARE THE GODDESS OF WEAVING! Thanks for a week to remember and a handmade work of art to cherish always!-Jean

tapestry13 said...

Thanks, Jean!! And thanks to you both for being so patient and doing such a wonderful job with your weavings.

tapestry13 said...

Glad you found me through WeaveRing. I took a look at your blog and will go back soon!
Thanks for your comments...we all learned so much this week!