Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Rain, rain and more rain--thank goodness!

As I post this I can hear the rain falling on the skylights at my home studio--a wonderful sound after having so many dry days here during 2007. I don't know our total rainfall (or snowfall) since the first of the year but our small reservoir has filled up almost to the level it should be.

Rainy day is a good one to spend in the studio. I made progress on the tree tapestry today, getting to the top edge of the sky at the left. I'm posting a detail to show both the piece in progress and turned, as the tapestry will hang. So far, I'm pleased with the play of shadow across the limbs...what I hoped for as I made the painting.


  1. Hi Tommye- I clean forgot I could go to YOUR blog and see more things! The tapestry is lookin' great. I best love the warm colors interacting as a unit against the cool ones. Also, the warm frame colors are very evocative of some Tunisian textiles I have. Somewhere there is a book with similar things. 'Just stopped to look for it, but it won't come to the surface. 'Will keep looking. Now am going back to look at your tapestry again.

  2. It is AK again. Another thing I really like is the squiggle shape(s) in the "frame" part of the tapestry. Although the "frame" of warmer colors hems in the cool center with the branches, the squiggle lets my eye transition to enjoy the surrounding rectangle. Soon I will get to see the whole piece.