Sunday, August 19, 2007

I dedicated most of the studio time today on the black walnut tapestry. The walnut itself, with the chartreuse green outer husk of a freshly fallen nut, is coming up soon--I'm weaving the supporting curve now on the right side. This point is 1/2 way. As I looked at the maquette today I'm thinking I may still make changes in the trunk near the top...will have to decide within about 10" if I should do that.

On the walk back home I noticed a white something at the base of the old maple tree in the front yard. When I checked it out I found a hawk feather. As I picked it up, I also saw a blue jay feather nearby. Then there were two or three more small, fluffy tufts of hawk feather. Obviously, there'd been a confrontation near the tree! Since the hawk seemed to lose more feathers I wonder if the blue jay was the winner.

As I looked around the tree trunk for more feathers I realized that the "bone yard" that's there (an owl uses a limb of a tree for perching, eating and digesting) was incredible visible. I've picked apart lots of owl pellets near that tree. I guess because it's been so hot and dry over the past two weeks, the grass has died back somewhat, the earth is crumbly and so more of the tiny rodent bones have been exposed.

I've collected numerous bones from the owl pellets over the past year, intending to draw from them. I haven't yet begun it but with this wealth exposed I should begin!

Why would I draw from these bones? I'm not quite sure but they are definitely compelling.

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  1. Tommye thank you for sharing your creative process. Blogs are a wonderful way to take a peek at the creative process of other tapestry weavers.It is a difficult art at times as one must spend time alone to create the work. Debbie.