Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I wanted to add another image this morning so thought I'd put the "Fall" piece here. I still like this piece; I haven't seen it at its new home...hope it's hanging and being enjoyed there!

I still think of this one as sort of a "break through" piece for me. I started it in 2003, finished it almost a year later since it sat on my loom during the winter after my Mother died...I just couldn't get back to it because of all the bright colors. I worked on other things in the meantime.

But, this was one of the first pieces I did using the cartoon stitched to the back, rather than inking onto the warp. Pat, FREN, thank you again for helping me learn how to do the stitching on!
I do very much appreciate being able to weave with more freedom--PLUS, the two big advantages of not having foreign matter on the warps that might eventually bleed through the weft, and not having to spend the time to do the tedious inking process and waiting until the marks totally dry!!

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  1. It will be Fall or Autumn here in Bathurst soon and i really like the way you've designed this piece, esp with the white silhouettes around the leaves, and the solid orange/gold centre.