Thursday, March 29, 2007

I finished the hem of the roots tapestry today and woven in scrap yarn to hold the last of the weft in place. I'm going to use Marti and Pat's method of weaving in every-other warp end, rather than doing the half-hitch I usually use at beginning and end. With 6 epi, as is this sett, the bulk of the warp is a problem as a hem is turned back. And, I want to use the method like on the recent commission piece for hanging this tapestry since it's pretty wide and will be a bit heavy.

I'm also getting ready for the Campbell tapestry class next week. Thomas glued together 7 copper pipe frames last night; I'd cut the copper pipe for the looms earlier in the week. I had 12 before that he'd made for me but several of those have "disappeared" and I have warps on two of them. I also wanted my assistant, Neville, to work her way through at least part of the sampler so she'll feel more comfortable in helping out next week.

I'd hoped to have a cutting off get-together for the roots piece but looks like I'll probably cut it off on my own. It's the largest piece I've done at the Stanton Storehouse studio, only completed one tiny one last fall and begun the cat tapestry for Thomas before this. I've woven a number of other rag rugs for the bathroom, a couple of pillow tops in boundweave, Noel's tabard--but this is the first significant tapestry. I began it on January 12 and had a goal of finishing it in a couple of months. I guess I could say I almost made it--can't keep weaving through the time needed for a death in the family. I'm interested to see the finished piece off the loom.

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